Terms of Services of Parallel


Welcome to Parallel!


The “Service Agreement” (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is the agreement prescribing the rights and obligations as regard to the acts of downloading, installing, using and duplicating Parallel (hereinafter referred to as “Software”) between you (hereinafter also referred to as “Users”) and Yong Yang An Feng (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yong Yang An Feng”).


You will be inquired whether to agree to the terms of the Agreement or not once you download or install the Software. Please do read and understand all the rights and restrictions stipulated in the Agreement. You are not entitled to download, install or use the Software and related services if you do not agree to all these provisions of this Agreement. Once you have installed, duplicated, downloaded, visited or used the Software product in other ways, you will be considered having accepted this Agreement and consented to be bound by the said provisions. Please do not install, duplicate or use the Software if you do not fully agree to the terms prescribed in the Agreement.



1. Declaration of Rights


All intellectual property rights and related information of the Software include without limitation to: written expressions and their combinations, icons, graphic decoration, images, graphics, color, interface design, layout framework, relevant data, additional procedures, printed materials and electronic documents, etc., all of which belong to Yong Yang An Feng and are protected by copyright laws, international copyright treaties and other intellectual property protection laws and regulations.


2. Scope of the License


2.1 Download, installation and use: Users can non-commercially downloadinstall and use the Software for unlimited times for free.


2.2 Duplication, distribution and dissemination: Users can duplicate, distribute and disseminate the Software non-commercially for unlimited times. It must, however, be conducted under the condition that each duplication, distribution and dissemination is complete and real, and is not modified, added or inserted by any code or information. All software products, electronic document copyrights, trademarks pertaining to the Software, as well as this Agreement are covered by this clause.


3. Limitation of Rights


3.1 Reverse engineering, decompiling and disassembling are prohibited: Users must not conduct reverse engineering, decompiling or disassembling on the Software, and any alteration on the interior resources in the program file is also prohibited. Users must comply with the limitations of the Agreement unless such acts are otherwise expressly allowed by laws and regulations.


3.2 Division of components: This software product is licensed as an integrated product, parts of which cannot be used separately for any purpose.


3.3 No bundling: the duplication, distribution and dissemination of the Software as regulated by this Agreement must not be tied or affixed to any other product or information that is not part of this Software, unless otherwise authorized by Article 3.4.


3.4 Individual authorization: A written authorization and licensing of Yong Yang An Feng are indispensable for the commercial sales, duplication, distribution of the Software, which includes but is not limited to software sales, pre-installation, and bundling.


3.5 Reserved rights: The rights that are not expressly authorized by this Agreement shall still remain within Yong Yang An Feng and a written consent from Yong Yang An Feng is required if you intend to exercise such other rights.


4. Terms of Use


4.1 Software Features


The Software is developed based on Android system and it is designed to help the Users to log in multiple accounts simultaneously on the APPs installed on mobile phones.


To provide an adapted upgraded version, you need to upload IMEI number, phone model and version number of client portal while requesting for online upgrading in order to guarantee that corresponding services may be delivered. These data is used to determine the mobile device model and what APPs have been installed by the Users, with no User’s private data and without using to determine any personal identity information.


4.2 Application Scope of the Software


4.2.1 Operating System: This Software is only applicable to the operating system that is published by its official website as being supported and some specific phone models. The Software will automatically start to run when the operation system activates so that it can be ready to provide all the functions and reduce response time. If the Users would like to renounce it for any reason after the installation, they can delete the Software by the means supported by Android.


4.2.2 Hardware Requirements:


Terminal equipment for mobile communications (phone, tablet computer)


4.3 Development and Technical Support of the Software


The Software is developed and technically supported by Yong Yang An Feng.


4.4 Modifications and Upgrades of the Software


Yong Yang An Feng reserves the right to modify or upgrade the Software for Users at any time. After being selected and confirmed by the users, the Software will be upgraded, and corresponding data traffic fees will be charged by telecom operators.


4.5 Product Integration


In order to achieve more function extensions, the related products may be integrated on the User interface for Users’ discretional download, installation and use.


4.6 User Experience Improvement Program


In order to improve Users’ experience and optimize the services, if the User chooses to “Select Software User Experience Improvement Program”, the Software will collect the using information as needed, which is generally about the using times of a certain feature instead of the User's personal data. The main purpose of the program is to improve product quality by analyzing the data and deliver better product experience. The collected data will only be used to improve our products, and it won’t be provided to any third party or used by any other commercial users. Users can undo “Select the Software User Experience Improvement Program” in the settings of the Software at any time.


4.7 Restrictions on Users’ Rights


Users are supposed to use the Software in compliance with laws and the Agreement. Users are not entitled to implement certain acts, which include but are not limited to the following:


4.7.1 Removing or altering any rights management electronic information in the Software;


4.7.2 Intentionally averting or destroying the technical measures intended to protect the copyright of the Software which are taken by the copyright owners;


4.7.3 Using the Software to mislead or deceive others;


4.7.4 Acts that have violated state regulations or the acts of deleting, modifying, adding or interfering with computer information system functions that have resulted in computer information system’s malfunctions;


4.7.5 Intruding computer information network or using the computer information network resources without permission;


4.7.6 Deleting, modifying or adding computer information network functions without permission;


4.7.7 Deleting, modifying or adding the data or application programs that are stored in or processed/transmitted by the computer information network without permission;


4.7.8 Disrupting normal operation of the Software system or website, and intentionally disseminating computer viruses and other destructive programs;


4.7.9 Any other acts that may endanger the security of computer information network.


4.8 Downloading the Software


For the Software downloaded from any sites that are not designated by Yong Yang An Feng as well as any media that are not released by Yong Yang An Feng, we cannot guarantee that there are no infected virus, hidden disguised Trojan or hacker software in it. Using those versions may lead to unpredictable risks, and it is highly recommended that Users do not download, install or use them. Yong Yang An Feng is not liable for any legal responsibilities arising therefrom.


4.9 Program Error Log Reporting


A brief error log can be automatically generated when an unexpected error pops out or a breakdown occurs with any program. The said log is the running information recorded by system that only includes the error information of the program instead of any personal data of the Users. According to the cloud service options agreed by the Users, the Software will report the error log to the server automatically in order to locate the error and the cause of the breakdown, hence to improve the product quality.


Subject to User’s approval and initiative operation, the Software may also generate a more specific error report, which shall include all of its data, the log output and system information. The specific report will be saved in local-storage of Users. The Software will ask Users whether to report the error log, if the User so agrees, then the Software will upload the error log stored in the local-storage to the server; and if the User does not agree, then no upload will occur.


5. Payments


You may, from time to time, make payments to us or third parties as part of your use of Parallel (including for the provision of Parallel or provision of certain additional features within Parallel). We may set out further terms applying to such payments (including in relation to refunds (if any), billing arrangements and any consequences of failing to make timely payments). You must comply with all such terms in relation to your payments to us. You agree that you are solely responsible for all fees and taxes associated with any such payments, and that pricing and availability of items and products are subject to change at any time.


Subject to mandatory applicable laws and regulations or as otherwise specified by us for a particular item or product within Parallel, in no circumstances will we be required to provide a refund for any payments made by you to us in relation to any items or products within Parallel (whether used or unused).


6. Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability


As a User, you must be acquainted that liability can be incurred by the following facts, product updates due to scientific and technological progress, as well as different Users’ habits and behaviors. Yong Yang An Feng or the Software has not made any guarantee in this Agreement and will not take any responsibility as regard to the following circumstances:


6.1 The possible defects of the Software under this Agreement: The Users are supposed to assume any risks caused by using functions of the Software on their own, including but not limited to direct or indirect damages.


6.2 The disputes between Users and any third party pertaining to Software installation, bundling and charging arising from the User’s reference to the scanning and checking results produced by the Software: the Software is not designed for this purpose and Users are not advised to apply the Software in such manner.


6.3 Claim to the User for losses or compensation by any third party arising from the User's violation of the terms of the Agreement.


6.4 Yong Yang An Feng does not guarantee to identify or correct all defects of the Software, nor does it guarantee that the Software can meet all the needs of Users.


6.5 Yong Yang An Feng does not bear any responsibility for the circumstances caused by technical obstacles, changes in laws or regulations, binding administrative acts or force majeure, etc.


7. Governing Law and Dispute Resolutions


7.1 The Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Peoples’ Republic of China.


7.2 For any dispute caused by or related to the Agreement, the parties shall settle such disputes through amicable consultations; if the disputes cannot be settled through consultations, either party may submit the relevant dispute to Beijing Arbitration Commission for arbitration according to the then effective arbitration rules. The arbitral award shall be final and binding on the parties.


8. Miscellaneous Provisions


8.1 The Agreement is the final, complete and exclusive agreement upon the Software-related issues between the User and Yong Yang An Feng.


8.2 In the event that any provision of this Agreement is totally or partially invalid or unenforceable for whatever reason, or it is in violation of any applicable law, then the specific provision is considered as being deleted. The remainders of the Agreement, however, shall remain valid and binding.


8.3 Yong Yang An Feng has the right to modify the Agreement at any time according to the change of relevant laws and regulations, technological progress or technical route choice, as well as operational conditions and the adjustment of business strategy of the company etc. The revised agreement will be published on the official website of the Software, and accompany the new version of the Software. The newest version of Agreement shall prevail when the dispute occurs. If you do not agree to the change of the content, you can remove the Software on your own and do not use it any longer. If you continue to use the Software, it can be interpreted that you have consented to the changes made to the Agreement.


8.4 The heading of each part is served only for reading convenience, and it cannot be used for interpretation of the provisions of the Agreement.


8.5 Yong Yang An Feng has the right to interpret and modify the Agreement to the fullest extent as permitted by law.